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2 hour Corryvreckan and Wildlife Boat Trip

 This trip is especially suitable for young children

Sail down Loch Craignish, through the Dorus Mor, and on to a seal colony at the North end of Jura. Continue up the East side of Jura looking for deer, otter, sea eagles and other birds of prey, then  in to Corryvreckan while searching for porpoise, a multitude of sea birds and if really lucky dolphin and minke whale.

Buy gift voucher for 2 hour Corryvreckan and Wildlife boat tripAdult: £34     Child: £24

2 hour Whirlpool Experience

To give the best chance of seeing whirlpools this trip will only run on a Spring Ebb tide when the tide is at its strongest, this happens for a few days every two weeks around a new and full moon.  See whirlpool-scotland.co.uk  when to see the whirlpool for dates of Spring tides, or our trip calendar for trip dates and departure times.

See the maelstrom in action, learn why it happens, hear tales of Prince Breckan and the Calliach. Please note that strength of tide, wind strength and direction, atmospheric pressure, and whether it is a Flood or Ebb tide will affect what you see on the day, every day, every hour, is different. A Spring Flood tide tends to produce standing waves, a Spring Ebb tide a series of upthrusts and whirlpools with sometimes one big whirlpool. Although this trip is principally about the whirlpool we will stop to look at any interesting wildlife we see along the way.

See our new site www.whirlpool-scotland.co.uk for more information on how it works, its history, and folklore.

Buy gift voucher for Whirlpool Experience boat tripAdult: £38     Child: £28

3 hour Corryvreckan and Wildlife Boat Trip

Sail down Loch Craignish, through the Dorus Mor, and on to the North end of Scarba. If sea conditions permit pass through the Grey Dogs, round the cliffs on the West side of Scarba, and in to The Gulf of Corryvreckan.

 Look out for deer, otter, sea eagles, other birds of prey, porpoise, and if really lucky dolphin, basking shark and minke whale. Check out the maelstrom area then in to Pig Bay to put the kettle on. Continue round the North end of Jura to a seal colony then return to Ardfern passing a multitude of sea birds while taking in the historic islands in Loch Craignish. The exact route of this trip will vary depending on sea conditions and recent wildlife sightings.

Buy gift voucher for 3 hour Corryvreckan and wildlife tripAdult: £46     Child: £34

4 hour Whale and Wildlife Watching Boat Trip

This trip is not suitable for children under 12 years.

We constantly monitor cetacean and basking shark movements and only run these trips when whales are known to be in the area usually May/June to September.

Even so sightings cannot be guaranteed. All sightings are reported to the relevant organisations, mainly the Sea Watch Foundation and Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. We also take in a seal colony and a sea eagle’s nest while searching for  sea eagles, golden eagles, other birds of prey, porpoise, basking sharks, dolphin, minke whale, and whatever else is around at the time.

This trip will include Corryvreckan, the Grey Dogs, and the Great Race which are wildlife feeding hot spots

Buy vouchers for whale watching boat tripsAdult: £55     Child: £40

5 hour Corryvreckan and Garvellach Isles Boat Trip

 This trip is not suitable for children under 12 years.

Sail through Corryvreckan and on the spectacular Garvellach Isles, the site of a monastery founded by St Brendan in 592. Land on Eileach an Naoimh to see the ruins and beehive cell. Then tour the island chain looking for eagles soaring above the cliffs and seaward for porpoise, sea birds, seals and if lucky dolphin, basking shark and minke whale. Return past Belnahua slate island and Fladda lighthouse and on down the East side of Scarba passing a variety of sea birds while looking for otter, deer and various birds of prey.

Landing is by rubber dinghy so requires good agility, sensible clothing and footwear essential. You may get wet feet. Bring a packed lunch with you.

Time ashore around an hour and a half.

This trip is very weather dependent and may be cancelled at short notice.

Buy gift voucher for Garvellachs wildlife boat tripAdult: £58     Child: £48

Whale and Puffin Day Trip via Fingal’s Cave

This trip is not suitable for children under 16 years.

Depart 9.30am subject to weather and demand. Return approximately 7.30pm to include around 2 hours ashore with the puffins.

Sail out through Corryvreckan then pass by the Torran Rocks and in to the Sound of Iona. Continue to Staffa, see Fingal’s Cave from the sea, and on to Lunga in the Treshnish Isles to mingle with the puffins.

Landing is by rubber dinghy and requires good agility to walk over boulders to get ashore. Good walking boots, warm and waterproof clothing essential. Anyone not wishing to land will be taken for a tour round the Island. Landing cannot be guaranteed as weather conditions can change without warning which can make landing difficult.

Bring a packed lunch with extra food as if we see whales, dolphins or basking shark we will stay out a bit longer.

This trip only runs when the puffins are ashore May to mid August. 

Buy a voucher for an all day boat trip to see Fingals Cave and puffinsAdult: £98     


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